Back to School for 所有

返回. 恢复. 重新定义.

After a year of pandemic, teachers want to be in their classrooms, they want to bring their 学生 with them. And they want to do so 安全.


寄一封: 告诉政府. Abbott and TEA that local school districts should have the authority to keep our communities and children safe — including by mandating mask use.

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2020年4月以来, our union has been fighting for a safe return to in-person instruction at the national, 状态, 和地方各级. The American Federation of Teachers published a plan for reopening school buildings 安全. BET8平台登录会员 launched a COVID-19 tracking website before it was clear the 状态 would do so. Local unions in Texas school districts launched safety committees and advocated for improved mitigation efforts like rapid testing and adequate PPE.

And after months of lobbying 状态 leaders to prioritize K-12 school employees for COVID-19 vaccines, our efforts were heard and realized by President Joe Biden.

While vaccines are widely available to adults and children older than 12, we know some in our communities remain unvaccinated and vulnerable to this disease — including our youngest 学生.

We think the classroom is the best place for kids to be right now, but we want to make sure they’re safe and their 家庭 are comfortable.

If you’re unsure or nervous about sending your child for in-person instruction, we want to hear from you on how we can help ensure a safe return. Fill out our quick form, we’ll connect you with support in your area.

Long-Term 恢复y

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a long, traumatic period for 学生, 家庭, 教育工作者, 和社区. It also has exposed inequities within our schools and our communities.

Our 学生 need immediate support for academic, 社会, emotional recovery (as do our school employees), but they also need long-term investments in school services.

That’s why our union and its members:

  • Fought this spring to ensure billions in federal COVID-19 relief funding went directly to public schools
  • Have called on districts to use those funds for investments in safety measures and infrastructure, as well as support for 学生’ academic, 社会, emotional recovery
  • Continue to advocate for the community school model with wraparound services and support

Reimagining the Future

返回ing to in-person school isn’t the end — it’s the beginning. We don’t want to just return to “normal.” We want to create a new normal. We demand the opportunity to do so.

Our children deserve the freedom to thrive, in and out of the classroom. A safe, equitable, fully funded school experience is the foundation for that.

We won’t get to that reimagined future with decision-making driven by standardized test scores, white-washed curriculum, unchecked school privatization. That’s why our union fights tooth and nail to build power at the local, 状态, national levels for public education.

Building an equitable future for public education will take all of us: 教育工作者, support professionals, 学生, 家庭, 和社区. If you would like to help in this fight, please fill out our form to be connected to support team members in your area.

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